Sea Jay's 1989 Civic Wagon - Baltimore, MD

A little about myself:

I started my passion for cars at a young age while hanging out with my Grandfather. He's an old school V8/Hot rod guy so of course I too wanted a big V8 car of my own. My first car was an Automatic v6. Fast forward to 2010 just out of high school and long days waiting tables at Cracker Barrel, I made my first big purchase. A 2001 Mustang BULLITT #5118. Is was a great car but I found myself getting bored of the car after a few years. In that time I met my good friend, Paul. He owns a beautiful 35xt clone named P-Nut. Paul expanded my knowledge into the Honda "Tuner" scene and most importantly the 88-91 civic chassis. I was hooked! For whatever reason I was stuck on the Wagon chassis. The goofy yet functional trim was the best of both worlds. And boy was it a blast to drive and put a smile on my face no matter the day. To this day I have owned three wagons, one being RT4WD. I've owned a handful of other cars from a C5 ZO6 to a 68 VW Beetle. But none of them were as much fun as my wagon. One last bit of information, my friends and I raced in the 24 Hours of Lemons in 2018 at New Jersey Motorsports Park. This was my second time racing Lemons but the first time racing my own car with my group of friends. As you can see below we raced an EF hatch with an imported Vtec ZC and 4 Speed STD trans. The car did amazing but the trans had to go. It now has an Si trans. To learn more about the car follow CharmCityRicers on Instagram or visit

P-NUT (35XT)

Honda Day, Charlotte, NC 2015 - With all the OG Sedan guys. (Paul, John, and Jon)

My buddy Jonathan's Shuttle

Paul, Blue wagon(#1) and Jonathan's bagged 2WD


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    Enough life talk, lets get to the Wagon!

    This was the First Blue 2WD Wagon with RT bumpers (It was t-boned)

    Picked up a Second 89 2WD off Ebay for $850 (I saved the crashed wagon and sold it to a friend in Tennessee)

    Multi-Point Swapped the new wagon in 2015

    Picked up the lower second on an armrest from Bill Reddick. I routed out the top section and re-covered it with extra seat material. (Note the Drivers seat is from a 90-91 that I pulled from the passenger size)

    Decided it needed more flair ( Circa 2016)

    Paul (Fox Designs) Helped me come up with the window shapes for the lover livery. This rode like crap and was shortly installed on 4wd suspension that was previously on it.

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    YEAR 2020 - I just finished rebuilding an E36 M3 project, sold the car in October and decided it was time to give the wagon some love and document the build. The car was supposed to be a "Cheap" Drift Car that turned into something way nicer than I was expecting.

    BEFORE - $500 M3 With a clean title (Airbags never deployed)

    I had some fun with it as originally intended.

    A few days before I sold it

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    AND NOW!

    I picked up another wagon from NY. Its an 89 RT with all but the trans and rear trailing arms missing. It came with a TON of extra parts all in the picture. It's a perfect parts car to make mine perfect and hopefully help others save their wagons. ITS SUPER DUPPER RUSTY!

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    Picked up EDM ZC Single Bulb level adjusting headlights

    That's about all I have for now. Next steps are disassembly and a TON of body work.

    I'm slowly making YouTube videos of the process. (See Below for Episode 1 and 2)



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    Also made another batch of hang tags for Paul!

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    OH Yeah! And I picked up a new Daily Driver last year, 2003 Element 4WD.

    I installed Nissan Skyline GTS-T Wheels on it with some A/T tires

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    I had to paint the nasty center caps too!

    For some reason they squat super hard in the rear (Up to -2' of camber) especially with the bike rack installed so I added a Shim kit from HRG.

    And I added an OEM Wind deflector.




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    Took the wagon out for a cruise to meet up with a few EF sedan buddies.

    Don’t mind the dust, this thing hasn’t been cleaned in years! That will change soon, don’t you worry!

  • this is awesome so many years with so many cars/stores, i already follow you on IG and youtube. keep up the great work waiting for updates

  • seajay3seajay3 Band Wagon

    Thanks buddy! I recognize that car! I’m happy you’re enjoying the progress of the wagon! I’m just happy to start focusing my time on one project. This will be a fun one!


  • Lookin good!

  • seajay3seajay3 Band Wagon

    @arries289 Thanks buddy!

  • BillBoardBillBoard council member

    ahhhh yeah! In for this re-build/clean up!

  • seajay3seajay3 Band Wagon

    @BillBoard Yeah buddy!

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    It’s been a while but I’m back! I was out of pocket working on house projects. Now to get into the good stuff!

    Picked up a Jackson racing supercharger. I’ve wanted one of these for too long now.

    I'm also on the hunt for an HKS Sport Exhaust system. I've called everywhere and they're all on backorder. Any connections would be huge!

    That's it for now!

  • Vtec_ShuttleVtec_Shuttle Wagonist

    Can’t wait for updates, a supercharger that’s going to sound great I’ve always wanted one but can’t find any complete or broken. I have a HKS exhaust that I have for my wagon but not installed just yet, love the double tips

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