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    codyJDM wrote: »
    nice vent!! and everything else!!! haha. good shit man loving the updates!
    Thanks man. I'll keep an eye out for another one for ya.
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    If anyone is interested in the hood bra that I have it looks like the seller has made some more.


    The auction states theres only 5 left. The bra fits perfectly on my wagon and you can see pics of it installed on the first page.
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    My buddy decided it was clean up day at the shop, and I stopped by just in time to help.

    Found an RBC manifold I stashed over a year ago for my rsx. Too bad it's the wagons now!


    Also grabbed this beauty for free!


    It's been up there for years and I never really noticed it until today lol. Just gotta find one more!

    If anyone needs and d/b/h series motor parts we may be able to help.


    It's like my own personal pick n pull lol

    They're mostly OEM parts, and I figure most of you guys can source stuff locally, just trying to help.

    And this last pic just because.

  • all dem asses
  • Too bad Austin is so far from southern ok. I need losts of dseries stuff.
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    Granny shiftin' not double clutchin' like you should...
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    Bump from the grave.

    Still got the wagon and the swap, friend of mine motivated me to get off my ass and finish my swap so here we go.


    Got an 02-04 rsx harness so wiring begins.


    also got the manifold mocked up a well as installing the throttle body and adapter plate.

    Fuel system and shifter box/cables and it'll be ready for install.

    Later on
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    YO!!!! I'm in Austin too! I have some random parts laying around if you need anything. Hit me up on facebook too. We need a wago meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    edited November 2021

    This isn't even from the dead, it's like, bump from the afterlife.....

    Almost 8 years to the day from my last post, I'm finally back. <3

    Before updating to where I'm at, I should probably explain what happened to my beloved EE2.

    We continued to work on the kswap for the next month or so, progress was slow, but steady. We had everything scheduled to do the install and tune in 2 weeks, just had to wait for our dyno slot to come up. I wanted to drive it in the meantime so we waited to do the actual swap. Within that 2 weeks, I made some poor choices and landed myself in jail. I'm sure we've all done some stupid things in our early 20's. Luckily it was only a misdemeanor, but it was still extremely expensive for me, for where I was in life. The only feasible way I could afford all the legal fee's, court fee's and lawyer fee's, was to sell one of my 2 cars. It was the Wagon, or the RSX, and I knew which one would sell faster :(

    So I posted my Wagon on CL, and it sold within 2 days. It ended up being a friends brother who bought it, but I have no clue where it went after that, as I tried a couple times to locate it afterwards, but never could. These are the last pics I got of it, before it drove off.

    A friend from Dallas bought everything K related that wasn't EF specific, and a guy off HT bought all the EF stuff. The money I made selling everything allowed me to pay for my mistakes without going into debt, but believe me when I say I hated the fact that I had to give up my Wagon.

    Over the next 8 years I owned a myriad of other Honda's, but every time I was in a position to look for my next vehicle, I'd always look for another wagon. Of course I could never find one, or if I did it was in terrible condition and way overpriced. Another kind of funny thing, if you look at the pictures on your phone, how many do you have on you local camera roll from 8 years ago? The oldest photo's on my phone, that I've made sure have made it from phone to phone since 2013, are of my Wagon. I still bring it up to this day when talking about cars that I love.

    So that brings us to today. I'm 8 years older (and hopefully 8 years wiser :p ), got into cloud computing and was relocated to the east coast in late 2019 after being recruited by a large cloud provider(over doubled my salary, what what!). I live in northern Virginia now and daily drive a supercharged 2011 Honda CRZ EX 6spd. I have a 2006 Acura RL ASPEC, that's my chicks daily, and my 1990 Y49 CRX Si is still back in Texas until it's turbo build is completed.

    "Where's the wagon?!"

    Just stay with me.

    About 4 months ago I go window shopping on HMO, maybe they got some CRX parts in that I need. That's when I see that they have this Shuttle Beagle up for sale, for only $7500!

    Best way it'll work is to sell the RL to fund the Shuttle, easy peasy. Talk to my chick and she's cool daily driving a RHD Shuttle, as long as it's automatic and can haul the dog around. So I call up HMO to get some more info and the first guy I talk to simply tells me "you can buy some parts off it, cause we already cut that thing up".....like...seriously? I would've been a little disappointed if someone had already gotten it and they forgot to take it down, but they straight up destroyed a Beagle, like those aren't rare enough as it is. At that point I was back to "cool, never owning a wagon again, fml"

    I had no intention of getting any other cars soon, MAYBE played around with selling the RL to get an RLX, but that was it. My CRX is shooting for 500whp, I had already bought a turbo kit, built a head, about to build a block for the CRZ, hoping for a 300whp hybrid and had a luxury sedan. Then my buddy sends me a link to some random japan auction site, as a joke that I would buy a RHD Odyssey if I ever had kids(which I totally would). Couple days go by and I go back to the link cause I wanna look up and see if all JDM Odyssey's have rear swing out doors, not sliding ones like in the US. It eventually turns into window shopping. Even though the sites all in Japanese, Google Translates got me. I like going on the random auction sites and searching "civic" just to look at all the crazy models and trims we didn't get, and how cheap some of them are.

    That's when I found it. The perfect (to me) Shuttle. Sitting at a dealership in Tokyo. Suddenly all these different options started going through my head.

    I mean I'm in my early 30's now, my career is going well, I'm comfortable. Why can't I import a car that I love and check RHD off my bucket list?!

    BUT, there's a couple final decisions I had to make, similar to the decision I had to make back in 2013 on whether to sell my first Wagon. I have 2 builds in progress, and this would also mean 4 cars total. My chick completely understands that my cars are pretty much my favorite thing in the world, but we're also trying to buy a house next year, so she keeps me sensible. It only took a couple questions from her to solidify my answer. The CRX is out of the question, as I'd die in that car before I sold it(originally bought it in high school).

    -"Are you willing to sell the RL after I find an MDX?" She's waiting for annual bonus' as she wants an optioned out 2020 MDX.

    Easy answer, yes.

    -"Is getting the shuttle more important to you than building and boosting the CRZ?" At this point It's like the kswap back in 2013. I have 95% of the parts, just waiting for the CRX to be done. But I can't do both, gotta get a house next year.

    This one I think about for a solid 5-10 seconds, but the answers still easy. Yes.

    The next morning I contacted probably 5 different importers. At this point I've picked my importer, worked out the final imported price, secured/received funding and given my deposit. From what I understand we're waiting for the dealer in Tokyo to confirm the car has been placed on hold pending purchase, at that time their contact will take all the additional photos and videos I requested so I can review and confirm I still want to purchase it. If everything works out I'll send the remaining payment and the car will be delivered to the east coast in 5-7 weeks :D

    I posted all the CRZ parts that I had amassed in preparation for my turbo build, and in 24 hours have sold enough to cover a 4th of the Shuttle so far. If I can sell my turbo kit for what I'm asking I'll have half the car paid off already!

    And please excuse my being vague and providing no pictures on the Shuttle I'm hoping to purchase. The importer still hasn't received final confirmation that it's held for me. So until then everybody a little sus

    Feels good to be back.

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    I've heard word there is to be a resurgence.

    The EF5 and I are here for it.

  • welcome back to the forum, good to see your wagon looks amazing love the color combo

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    I have never left and kept the updates coming! Glad to see you are back, and what a good looking Shuttle. Can you tell me a bit more what has been done to the shifter?

  • The brand is called Hybrid racing, he used a Acura Tsx short shifter and Acura Rsx short shifter and couple other parts off the site I’ll have to look for the part numbers

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