88 RT Clutch replacement and output shaft spline count

Hey all,

Hopefully this forum is still in use, it has helped me out a ton throughout the years.

Currently in the stage of replacing everything in the wagon. Just got the driveline fully rebuilt, new u-joints, carrier bearings, rebuilt VC and Rear Diff by TrustFab.

All things are good, but I still have nasty vibrations. Figured out my engine mounts are virtually useless and I have about 3-4" of driveline/engine movement when under high rpms.

Ordered new innovation engine mounts and was looking to replace them but to even get to them it seems like replacing the engine would be easiest. I have a 60k mile d16a6 waiting to be installed.

With all this in mind, It's probably best if I do the swap. I'm wanting to replace the clutch but am unsure if it will mate with my spline, or if the T/O bearing will be the correct size, 2wd vs 4wd diameters.

I have a spare RT transmission, unsure of the year, need to count the splines, may use that one instead of the existing tranny that is in the car still. Wanted to see what people have used so I don't have to order twice and wait a while due to obtaining the wrong parts.

Can post pics in the future but wanted to get this out.




  • greenteagodgreenteagod Moderator

    For what it's worth part numbers from 88-89 are different from 90-91 for clutches. Clutch disc itself still the same between FWD/4WD though. Different pressure plate and flywheel though.

    Clutch Release bearing is also different part numbers, not sure if that would be able to be interchanged, perhaps due to travel distance or some other function, but if the clutch disc is the same part number that shaft may be the same.

    Can't give a solid answer I'm afraid as I'm not entirely certain on that, but didn't want this to just sit here with no reply at all. If you end up doing your on investigation into it, definitely let us know what you find out.

  • Hey how’s it going @907YNGFLX, 89-91 20 spline, 1988 which is 21 spline. Hopefully this helps

  • FakeJDMEF8FakeJDMEF8 Senior Wagonist

    He's correct - 21 only for 1988.

  • Still have not ordered a clutch due to uncertainty, I know year 88-89 splines are different, found that out the hard way on an old civic I had, 91 body with an 88 tranny. Will count the splines on the spare tranny I have and make sure. My main concern is that I will get a wrong throw-out bearing that is meant for FWD.

    Thanks for the responses, will update when I got some traction.

  • The only clutches I’ve dealt with Are Exedy clutch kit (RT4WD) on my first wagon. I previously bought a ACT clutch kit (RT4WD) came with the proper throw out bearing, I haven’t installed it yet

  • same same same as FWD told by a honda Guru Mike. Hope this helps. Going with an excedy stage 1 clutch for an 88 civic

  • Maybe going with this clutch,https://clutchmasters.com/i-30499251-honda-civic-1988-1988-1-5l-08009-hd00.html

    Excedy is definitely the cheapest as with clutchmasters is the most expensive out of the bunch but I lean toward quality products. Still deciding if I need to crunch numbers or close my eyes and buy...

  • Actually, going to go with the FX200 for the kevlar reinforced disc, this seems like I will never have to replace my clutch ever again

  • That’s great to know thank you for the info/update now there’s more option in clutch kit besides exedy/ACT for our RT4WD transmission

    I hear good things about ClutchMasters

  • Read some reviews on the kevlar disc and decided to stray away. They say if you glaze the disk with bad engagement you can get slippage sooner than usual. Went with the FX100, total was around 400 with shipping. Somewhat spendy about 3x the cost of other brands but read good things about the pressure plate they make. . Going to do an engine swap here soon.

    Cheers !

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