EE Front Plate Relocator(DIY)

Since I couldn't find a plate relocator anywhere I decided to make one. All I did was take some measurements and kinda draw it out on some graph paper. I made a to scale drawing and cut it out, transfered it to a piece of 1/8 inch aluminum. Plasma burned it out and belt sanded it all smooth. Tapped 2 1/4-20 holes and made a 3/8 slot and it was done. Enjoy! I do still have the template if anyone wants a copy to make their own.

Here it is

Here is the bolts I used to mount it

Here it is mounted
(Yeah I know the paint looks bad, my trim paint has been sitting to long)
^^^^ You can see where you have to trim the bumper at in this picture

Finished Project

It turned out pretty good for about an hour of work. It does push up the bumper lense some but once I get a grinder I'll make a little indentation where the lense goes. It does stick out farther than I wanted but at least it doesn't rub on the bumper. You do need to trim the bumper slightly so it it sits flush with the lense "bucket".


  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    wow, good job man. props 8)
  • you bet f*kking A

    *dutch spelling

    : )
  • I did this mod, but i took an old plate from my shop and made it work. Great idea on what mounts to use 8)
  • i like it. how much would it cost to make another?????
  • I still have the template I used to cut out my plate holder, I can send you a copy. All you have to do is find some thin metal, cut it out, drill and tap some holes and bend it. Its pretty easy.
  • Ya mine took two plates to get it right. First one wasn't far enough over. It's an east thing to create though. Mine was free to do, even have a few more plates to do it for my 91 hatch. 8) 8)
  • hey tallboy did you mount it to the bumper mounting bolts or did you drill through your bumper?? And your in Troutdale.... how come I haven't seen you drivin around or something... we gotta do a PDX meet or something. Actually I guess I'm outta Oregon in about a week so whats with the NW meet???????
  • I did mine to the same place yours is done. Mine just isn't as cleanly done as yours, used what i had to work with. I am in T-dale, just never home, work all the time. Between working at the shop and my other job, busy busy. Def need something for a NW meet :D
  • You have hookups at an import shop???
  • unlimited02unlimited02 Senior Wagonist
    nice... i like this mod... i hate my front license plate where it's at... i like the JDM look... :D
  • Swipe'dSwipe'd Wagonist
    pm me template plz...
  • leWolfleWolf Senior Wagonist
    Yeah A template would be awesome! :D
  • JP PatchesJP Patches Band Wagon
    better then screwing it right into the bumper!
  • thats sick, im about to try this out. thanks!
  • 5waysout5waysout New Wagonist
    Very nice!!! Whats the right way? on pass. side or driver?
  • 5waysout wrote:
    Very nice!!! Whats the right way? on pass. side or driver?

    If you have to ask just leave it in the middle :wink: .
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