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    Decided to clean the cam assembly and inspect the cams for any type of wear. Only thing that needs to be replaced is the timing chain, it’s stretched about half a chain length.

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    I had to give the valve cover some attention. My plans are to paint it crinkle black. Cleaned it with aircraft stripper and went over With some sand paper. It was a bit too cold to try to paint it today so I’m hoping I’ll have some time in the next few days if the weather cooperates.

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    The weather was great today so I decided to spray the valve cover VHT crinkle black. I use Chapstick on the parts of the valve cover I did not want to painted. The Chapstick makes it much easier to wipe off the paint. After doing about five passes at different angles I let the valve cover dry for about 30 minutes and then placed the valve cover in the oven. This was the first time I’ve ever actually used an oven to help cure the crinkle paint. Needless to say it worked great, I left the valve cover the oven for 10 minutes at 280. Super happy with the results. My next goal is a valve adjustment.

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    Valve cover looks great. You going to take a file to the face of the letters?
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    I plan on taking the paint off the lettering

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