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Thread: rear wing

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    Re: rear wing

    Nice. The sides need to be squared off a bit though...

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    Re: rear wing

    What wing is that??

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    Re: rear wing

    Suzuki Swift wing

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    Re: rear wing

    What year Swift is it from?

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    Re: rear wing

    94 Suzuki swift Gt

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    Re: rear wing

    That is a clean look right there...I like that!
    1991 Honda Civic Wagon DX

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    I've gone through the thread and noticed some people running EK wings I think I've asked someone on here before but don't know what thread it was but, how well do the ek wings fit and how do they line up to stock spoilers 4 10mm bolt holes?

    I'm thinking about getting an adjustable ek wing if they do in fact fit well just trying to get some guidance before the buy
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    Everyone here is an idiot, we drive civic wagons... spend way to much on them. Morons.

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