Hi guys, starting a build thread here and hoping to keep it updated as I continue to improve my wagon
Here's the day I picked it up, drove almost 2 hours back and it made it back without any issues

a month later the timing belt go so it was time to say goodbye to the d15

Swapped in a b20 I got off my brother, some of the dpfi to mpfi wiring

putting the motor in, the plm tri-y header looks so good

motor in

everything in and hooked up, started up right away with no issues!

said goodbye to the ebay coilovers for koni yellows with ground control springs

also got hardrace camber kits for the front and rear and replaced all the bushings that I could

new brakes too

pressing in new rear trailing arm bushings lol

After the first drive around the block, also picked up some kosei k1's wrapped with falken azenis