Hey guys! I just picked up my first RT4wd (d16z6 swap) a couple days ago and my first Honda in over 10 years since high school!

I know absolutely zero about hondas and I don't want to make it a ricer - so i'm looking for inspiration on which direction to go with it. Slammed or jdm and keep it rally looking.

I live in Lake Stevens but I have a group of car enthusiasts I brought together and we all go on trips almost every weekend to talk about cars!

But none of them are honda people - kind of a bad honda rep around here.

So if you're in the Lake Stevens area - message me, I have tons of tools and love to wrench with people or just generally learn about hondas if you have the time.

I didn't even know what vtec was until I googled it and now I'm amazed/excited about possibilities lol..

Nice to meet you guys!