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    Quote Originally Posted by La Zona Imagery View Post
    Hey guys, can you give me your opinion on this deal? I found a wagon at a pick and pull about a 3 hour drive from me. I can't drive up there but someone agreed to pull the parts and deliver them to me:

    passenger side fender: $75
    hood: $150

    delivery $125

    $350 total for these items. They are in good condition and matching paint with my wagon. Do you think it is worth it?
    Looks fair to me. People's time is valuable, the delivery is taking up 6-7 hours of their time and fuel to get it to you. $75 + shipping seems to be the going rate for fenders on here and the price on the hood seems fair.
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    Well the guy that was going to seel the fender + hood to me could not deliver them after all.

    Anyhow, do you guys think two JDM fenders is worth $200?
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    I'm new to the wagon scene and just fell in love with them when I saw one on the street. I dont know much about cars and just was looking for something reliable for a daily commuter, but am now obsessed on buying a wagon.
    In the bay area, and saw this posting on craigslist. vvvvv
    please let me know what you guys think, he said he would take 2400.
    I am planning on having a mechanic come out to check over the engine next time i meet with the seller.
    Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Hey guys, this guy is selling his mum's "1990 Honda Civic Wagon 4 cylinder, automatic with overdrive, crank windows, tires only have around 5,000 miles on them, A/C works. 186,000 miles. I have only used synthetic oil and tranny fluid in it since 1999, and it has always had regular oil changes. I am selling it for my mom, she is the second owner and has owned it since about 1995. It's a good little car and it still has some life left in it." That was directly from the ad, i test drove it, it handled really well, brakes were good, main relay is starting to go he said, definitely rust on the rear wheel wells, and I'm just wondering what you guys think its worth thanks a lot, I got a lot of love for this community!

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    I have a 91 Rt4wd Civic but the differential is not working, how much should I expect to get for it?

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    Nowhere near enough information here to suggest a price.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dpayne823 View Post
    I have a 91 Rt4wd Civic but the differential is not working, how much should I expect to get for it?
    88 WAGO MF !!!!

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