DIY driver's seat side bolster repair

I bought these DA seats from CL for $50...


pretty nice, but the foam in the bolster feels like a fat chick's thigh, and the cover seam doesn't lay right:


I decided to see what could be done. I happen to have an extra set of (worse condition) seats to cannibalize!
Here it is sans cover:


since they're auto-belt seats, there's this funky asymmetrical deal going on :?


but I think I can graft them together


a hacksaw blade works best to cut the foam.


some superduper spray adhesive, and voila!



  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    Now comes the part I'm most proud of :lol: Since I had cut the foam shell and glued it back together, I was worried that it would separate.


    Cracked a cold one and stepped back to ponder, hmmm.....why not use the cover from the donor seat as 'underwear'?


    I spray-glued the center section and partial bolsters to bridge all the repaired area. Cut holes thru for the top cover hog rings:


    So now I have double fabric and padding in the seat area!

  • BillBoardBillBoard council member
    brilliant...! now where are the stock wagon seats; i want them...
  • i used that blow in foam in a can. worked real good then put a 1/2" foam on the whole body of it with spray adhesive worked like a charm :D
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    BillBoard wrote:
    brilliant...! now where are the stock wagon seats; i want them...

    eh, they're not all that great. And besides, now I have THREE complete gray sets to try and piece together a nice pair for the wife's car :lol:
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