Reconditioning & Re-Installation How To: OEM Door Visors

Hello, decided to recondition my sun faded purple door visors. These steps will show you how I did mine. Be carefull when removing them from your vehicle as some sets are more brittle then others, important to add heat to the visor tape when removing them to weaken the sticky tape. This will allow them to come off easier... Keep em comin! :lol:

Step 1: Assess What You Will Need...
Can Of Lift Off
Heat Gun
Exterior Mounting Tape
"Smoke" Lens Spray (this small can required 3 for me)

Step 2: Spray Lift Off Onto 1 Visor And Let Sit For Acouple Minutes...

Step 3: Heat Up Old Tape With Heat Gun...
(lift off is flammable be cautious)


Step 4: Start Removing The Old Stubborn Tape With A Durable Spoon...
(have patience, this part is not so fun)


Step 5: Setup A Place To Start Spraying...
(spray only on the inside not the outer surface)

Don't Rush Spraying These, Allow Time For The Coats To Dry
Step 6: Recommend Atleast 24 Hours For Drying Time...
(start install the following day)

Step 7: Apply Exterior Mounting Tape...
(be creative on the curves/turns)

When You Are Ready To Install...

Step 8: Roll Down All The Windows - Pull Backing Off Of The Tape...

Step 9: Pull Window Run Chanel Out Of Its Track On The Front And Rear Window To Allow The Sideways Clip To Enter...Heat Up The Tape To Ensure A Proper Grab...
Step 10: Then Seat The Clips Of The Door Visor Along The Top Edge Onto The Door, Applying Pressure Along The Whole Visor To Ensure The Tape Is Secure, Then Re-Tuck The Rubber Run Channel Into Its Track After The Visor Is Installed And Secured...
Hope This Helps - Enjoy :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  • Thnx man,
    and yes, to feed my jealousy
  • Haha Eagle Beagle, you always got a funny comment.. 8)
  • ctmee2ctmee2 Wagonist
    i used bumper paint and put electrical tape to cover up the clips and glue. heheh looks good
  • BillBoardBillBoard council member
    you sir are a bad ass...
    i just bought a set of these and plan on doing hte exact same thing...
    thanks for the install instructions too; you are my hero right now...
  • I still need to put my on.

    The more I looked at these though the more I thought that Honda placed the clips on the car first then pressed the visors on. The problem with mine is that the glue for the clips is so old. So I think mine will have to be glued on.

    Good writeup 8)
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    Is ebay the best place for these? Or can I still get them from Honda?
  • There completely gone from Honda :cry: Yea, keep an eye out on ebay and wait for a set to pop up... I just had a set for sale in parts but they sold already... :roll:
  • ZLITESZLITES New Wagonist
    are these visors only for wagons/wagovans? or are they off of a 88-91 civic sedan?
  • Wagon visors are wagon specific.
  • C-ratZC-ratZ New Wagonist
    i know this thread is old but where can you buy the lens spray?
  • I got my 3 cans off of ebay, the smoke ones. On ebay type in: JDM Lense Painter and you will see the cans I have above are the ones on ebay, they are a little pricy but the quality is fantastic, hense they are made in Japan :wink: FYI I used all 3 cans and prob could have used a forth if I pushed it...there isn't much paint in them they are pretty small...
  • C-ratZC-ratZ New Wagonist
    just about $50! ouch!
  • I know, there are cheaper friend just used almost like a black krylon spray paint on the bottom side of his and hasn't had any problems yet, thats what like $3-$4 bucks at most...I went with the smoke style since I thought it would be close to the oem look but when its all said and done they almost look black anyways...
  • C-ratZC-ratZ New Wagonist
    i picked up a can of krylon paint for plastic. i couldnt choose between flat or gloss but i decided gloss cause i didnt want these to look like trim...ill post pics of the finished product when im done
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