JDM/EDM Roof Rack Information

This thread is to dispel any rumour/misinformation/misunderstanding about the roof racks that come on JDM/EDM Shuttles.

People have said that the rood rack secures to the car in the channel between the roof skin and the body. This is false.
People have said that you need to remove the headliner to access nuts underneath. This is false.

1. Front mounting location, showing the two holes in the roof skin. I think these are torx head screws.

2. Middle mounting location, showing two studs protruding from the roof skin.

3. Rear mounting location showing two more holes in the roof skin.

4. To remove a JDM/EDM rack simply remove the plastic caps at each end of the roof rack to expose the screws. In the middle there are two rubber bungs, try and pry these upwards as you can lose them inside the rail itself.

I will get some measurements soon for those of you retrofitting these onto your wagons.


  • Perfect timing, about to pull mine off to paint the roof. Any tips on how to remove the plastic caps on either end? ie. Which way to start pulling them off, scared of snapping them :(
  • Front cover: arch it with two flat head screw drivers and try to get the locating tab at the front free as the rear prong is near impossible to access
    Middle plugs: as haydz said lift them upwards, once you have a edge up give them a twist while pulling up to make it easier
    Hatch end: good luck :/ as you can see its a two pronged type clip, zero access. Just leaver the end cap upwards from the curve and hope it doesn't snap, you could use silicone or double sided tape to refit later so no biggie if the prong snaps. If anyone has worked out a better way, please share
  • GizmoGizmo Wagonist
    I used Rivnuts to install the rack onto my Wagon. I replaced the large torx head bolts with m6 high tensile large flange bolts and the 2 center ones with M6 hex head bolts. All the caps on mine were broke, so i just used some RTV to glue them on, easily removable.
  • I recall having this same argument years ago and provided the same info you just did and the guy refused to listen, he still chose to drill holes down the channel. Good info!
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