Rear Metal Venetian Blinds (white)


Contact: (626) 888-2495 **Key is to deal w/Ruben T. only since he and I worked out the possible issues**

Product made for: 1962-1964 Chevy Impala

Price: $ 170.00 but since we “civic wagon owners” would have to modify the slats to our personal desired length price would be dropped down to $140.00+shipping. I personally ordered on a tuesday and got them on friday.

How to order: Go to site and click on contact us then fill out the blanks >> Name, E-mail, Telephone and Comment. The following is key when ordering; in the comment section add a short description stating in your own words “a member on worked with Ruben T. on creating a set for his 1990 Honda Civic Wagon RT4wd and based on the members measurements Ruben T. found a set that would work which is a venetian blinds set made for a 62-64 chevy impala but modifications to the slats will be needed to fit window” Once you present this statement they should know how to take care of your purchase. Or you could just call direct and ask specifically for Ruben T. and state your reason for calling which would speed up your purchase. Ruben T. and I had set up a paypal transaction for documented and quick payment purposes. Don’t know how he’s going to handle the orders from now on since I’m guessing there would be a lot of interest in this product and don’t know if he would raise the price if he considers the laws of economics supply and demand into account. Like I said in the forum fest thread is currently out of this product as of 6/18/2012 and a new batch is being made to restock their inventory. I personally got Ruben T. approval prior to posting this thread.

Product Info: No mounting screws needed bracket tabs mount behind upper rear brake light panel and lower hatch panel for a perfect fit. The 2 brackets that hold the metal slats is a perfect fit vertically but the only modification you would have to do is cut the metal slats with sheet metal snips to desired length. Rubber cement will be provided with product and need to be applied which will prevent the vibrations or you can find some shims so you don’t have to apply rubber cement.

1) pop 1 tab on each side of the rear upper brake light panel.
2) align where you want to mount the bracket on the bottom and hold in place.
3) align the bracket w/tab side under the brake light panel up top.
4) once you got the bracket lined to your desired position top and bottom then snap the panel tab back into the place. The bracket tab is what will keep the bracket in place.
5) Cut slats to desired length.
6) Install slats and apply rubber cement or shims to prevent constant slat vibration.
7) POW.......enjoy all the thumbs up you'll get where ever you go!

It’s super easy when you visually/logically think about it, you guys will see!......


  • knottyyknottyy Wagonist
    I personally want to thank beastmode for doing the research and legwork on this. How rad that anyone that wants blinds now doesn't have to be subject to the rarity of the Daisy's. I will be posting up some photos detailing my install which may help some of you in the future. I'll be sure to cross post from my build thread.
  • DRMORTYDRMORTY Council Member
    Do you have pics of them installed yet?
  • beastmodebeastmode Senior Wagonist
    Like knottyy said above and you can also check: Forum >> Community >> Multimedia Forum >> Forum Fest 2012 Pictures and also try taking a look at Forum >> Community >> Rides & Builds- Civic wagons >> knottyy's '89 NW Wagon - Lots O Pics.
  • DRMORTYDRMORTY Council Member
    Ahhh Haaa... LOL
  • knottyyknottyy Wagonist
    Here's a pic of beastmode's blinds for easy reference: *pyimpin*

  • BillBoardBillBoard council member
    are these powered?? or how do you shut them... like at night when some one rolls up on your rear and you want to shut his lights out completely it would be awesome just to hit a button and close the blinds...

    are the Daisy blinds powered??
  • knottyyknottyy Wagonist
    I wondered the same thing about the Daisy's. These are fixed, they don't go anywhere. They're made of metal and are actually pretty heavy overall. I'd put the weight of the blinds themselves at around 10 lbs. Due to the fact that their metal and quite heavy, they do have a bit of a natural bounce to them, or a vibration of sorts. You can probably fix this by making sure your measurements are perfect and everything is contact cemented down really good. Or you can do like I'm gonna do and go find some other material to make blinds out of. I'm out the door to the hobby store right now to look for a big sheet of balsa wood that I can cut into strips. I'd like to find a sheet that is thicker than the slots themselves so I can simply shove the soft balsa blinds into place and they'll stay, or just use a router and make grooves in the blinds so they sink into the slats perfectly and stay there. Just gotta figure out if gonna spray my blinds white again, or go with another color. I want my blinds to be pretty easily replaceable/cleanable as I like to put my dog in my trunk and I can only imagine what things would look like after a day of him at the beach, tail waggin in the trunk.... And I would prefer to not have the extra weight of metal. Also I plan on putting a subwoofer in my trunk (no not another smaller dog, a speaker) and I don't want my blinds rattling like hell.
  • beastmodebeastmode Senior Wagonist
    FYI - for all you guys who still want daisy blinds i got this message from Robert EP Importers rep last night, price went up by $100.00 dollars. I need to be in the bussiness of hoarding daily blinds and selling them....that's a good profit margin. But anyway i just wanted to pass the word on so some one else can help support ep-importers stay in the bussiness of rare/special parts for more years to come.

    Hello Jason,

    Okay I am going down the list of customers in order.

    Are you still looking for Daisy Blinds?
    I got 5 in stock but I couldn't pick them up at the same cheap cost hence the higher price tag.
    They are becoming very hard to get now.

    Shipped cost to USA = ¥20,450

    Best, Robert
    EP Importers
    Tenjin-cho, Sasebo-shi
    Nagasaki, Japan
  • knottyyknottyy Wagonist
    So since I got my rear Venetian metal blinds I have been thinking about material that I could make another set of blinds out of. The original metal blinds are quite heavy, at least 10 pounds and they rattle quite a bit if not set up perfectly. If you have a subwoofer in your car it's rattle city! Super annoying. So I headed out to Hobby Lobby to see what I could see. Ended up finding a big ol piece of white foam board for $7. Took it home, measured it out and cut it into strips. This time I cut the ends at an angle to conform to the curvature of the rear window.



    The foam blinds were just a bit too thick for the slats which was perfect as I simply forced them in and which created grooves and held the blinds in place.


    Here's they are finished



    Even though the new foamcore blinds are super light and don't make any noise at all, I don't think I'll stay with them as it's just not as tidy as I'd like it to look and it's also not strong enough to be durable. It's hard to cut and get perfectly smooth edges. One of my blinds has already folded on the end and is now just kinda hanging/flopping. I think I will try and redo them out of a thin sheet of wood that I found at an RC car hobby store. I think it'll last longer, and when I get a Nardi wood grain wheel and shift knob I might just build a new set of wooden blinds all lacquered up to match. For now I'll probably just paint them white. The sheet of wood is thicker than the metal blinds, but that's good because I'll just use a router to make grooves in the wooden blinds so they will slide and lock right into the slats. My brother is a finish carpenter so I'll have him try and help me knock it out.

  • DRMORTYDRMORTY Council Member
    Good write up.

    Did you look into Balsa wood yet. You may be able to get it in a similar size to those strips. Probably just as lite as the foam, but stronger.
  • knottyyknottyy Wagonist
    I did look into some balsa wood, that was actually my first thought but then when I got to the hobby store and got some in my hand I realized that it was just too fragile and also hard to find in the length I needed. I keep my dog in my trunk and I'm sure he'd break a couple balsa blinds with the quickness. Might be a good option though for someone without a dog.
  • rubtaprubtap Band Wagon
    just wanted to let you all know that the blinds have been updated and modified to use stainless steel brackets and satin almond aluminum slats that snap into place and no shims or glue needed. Follow the link above to my website and see more current pics on my Facebook page. Thanks, Ruben T
  • rubtaprubtap Band Wagon
    Also, the entire set weighs less then 3 pounds now. Hope this helps. Ruben T 626)888-2495
  • ee 1993ee 1993 Band Wagon
    was good can u make me a pair n ill pay u n pay the shipping n everything material time n stuff pls hmu on fb steven lopez a red eg coupe will b my profile pic
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